March 2007

I really, really love the sillouette of the wild child earrings (yes, I know they are my design so duh of course I’m going to say so! lol). Something simple, eye catching and larger on one side, and something long, slim and shoulder draping on the other. The look is mischievous but elegant, casual but dressy, smart but nonchalent. For spring, I dressed up two pairs, the first, wild child- replendent obstinate, is bright red spring with a golden dragonfly:

wild child- resplendent obstinate:
wild child- resplendent obstinate

The second, wild child- deco talk to the hand, is also quite lovely, and I added a touch of colour with a delicate purple glass flower. It has a more dressy and graceful feel, with the smooth hand looking like it’s picking up the flower…cute!

wild child- deco talk to the hand

spring is coming!!!!



i couldn’t wait to share this!!! i just made it, so i’m jumping ahead to introduce it, but it’s so pretty i couldn’t resist. aren’t these vintage glass flowers just gorgeous?



i got THE MOST AMAZING vintage pale jade glass briolettes!!!! i did a little dance when i found them. look what i made!!

wink jade:

wink jade

fade to colour:
fade to colour

curious spring:
curious spring

And, because Easter is impending, my cute little pequito after a big meal!!!

last lastly (im hoping you didn’t make it this far into the post), my boyfriend’s friend is staying with us, and he wants to make it big with his drunk dancing, so I’m helping spread the word (please forgive the mess, we have two houseguests in our little apartment (well, actuallly it’s always this messy but i’m going to blame others, of course)):

(p.p.s. this was pretty funny at 2am after a long week of work)

YAY I finally had time to sit down and make a couple of new things, and write lengthy descriptions for some really detailed designs I had made through the week. First, though, I made some really simple necklaces with some fun beads I found:

lace boppy necklace (i love the delicateness of this!)
lace boppy

footloose kitsch necklace (thanks atomickitten!):
footloose kitsch

disco acorn!! fantastically awesome beads:
disco acorn

I also made some more intricate designs this week. A while ago, I introduced the first in my trois series of multi-functional necklaces, coral apple, that you can wear three different ways (my shop has more details if you are interested):

pseudo-double layer:

asymmetric double layer:
trois- coral apple

and, just long and bohemian:
trois- coral apple

Well, this past week, I invested some serious labour into expanding on this idea and made a design that I call my “labour of love”, because it really was painstaking!! (all 14K/20 gold-filled chains and wires, vintage glass handwired by me, vintage handcarved rose on 14K/20 setting). I went really almost loony getting everything to balance, but I am really happy with how it turned out:

labour of love: One necklace, at least 4 ways to wear:
labor of love

labour of lovelabour of love

labour of lovelabour of love

Lastly, I made the most gorgeous linked necklace…. hush series of double toggle necklace/bracelets… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, because I just ate and I’m sleeeeepy!

hush- demurely yours, hot lips:
demurely yours, hot lipsdemurely yours, hot lips

demurely yours, hot lipsdemurely yours, hot lips

Tell me what you think!! Later! =) (p.s. you can shop here if you liked any of these! Not all listings are up yet, but check back soon or email me at

~xo, pq

i’ve been so so busy with work!! just a sneak peak at what i’m currently and recently working on…will write again soon! Shop pequitobun here!

life in plastic

demurely yours, hot lips

Sooooo sleepy and plucking up energy to get to work! We have volleyball tonight though, which I always look forward to, so I really should get up because the day at work will be short and I have a ton to do. Listed these yesterday, a cute bee pop art choker, and a necklace that reminds me of a fuji apple:



Got to go, so just a few more peeks at spring coral, first an adorable owl long necklace:


And, this fantastic necklace that can be worn three ways (I’m rather pleased with myself! lol. check back soon for more details and pics!):


~~Ciao! =)

I’ve made quite a few designs in this series already. I love the colour coral, I think it’s a super non-girly way to wear pink, but in this series, I have also collected vintage baubles of various other shades of “pink-like” and lumped them all in this series because basically, well, I come across too many cute things that I like! =) I’ll be introducing the designs here before putting them up for sale in the shop, so, hope you enjoy the sneaks peaks!!

As an introduction to the series, I decided to go for something slightly different and surprising, as a tribute to the changing weather! So, here is this design made using a vintage peacock pin, vintage (not really coral?) pink heavy enameled chain, vintage glass pearls and a brass hammered heart.


A loose choker length, I think this is so much fun and would look great with a scooped neck tank or a simple tube top!! Well, when spring comes anyways.

Next, something I can actually call coral without feeling like a fraud, this simple apple-esque necklace with a vintage coral lucite bead and vintage glass on brass chain.


Finally, two items I listed yesterday, just because I love them so much, earrings of the prettiest vintage glass, and a fun oh-so-French choker:



Many more in the coral series to come! Hope you like what you see so far =).

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