I’ve been working with a variety of gemstones for a while now, and I have definitely discovered that I seem to prefer some stones over others, to the extent that it makes me wonder if this connection is somehow innate. For example, even though many people love lemon quartz and citrine, their colours and “feel” just don’t appeal to me all that much. This is despite the fact that those two are both stones that often come in large sizes with few inclusions (and are hence cheaper to obtain gem quality stones of; for example, to find a clear emerald or even tourmaline is much much more difficult than to find a clear citrine, hence, emeralds and tourmaline are much more expensive).

In contrast, I absolutely love aquamarine (make that the whole beryl family, which includes emeralds) and rubies (actually a red sapphire). Maybe it’s the inner snob in me, afterall, those emeralds and rubies are considered precious stones. Aquamarine is just such a pleasing stone, I get very happy and peaceful just from looking and holding one (or a strand). I still think that those “gem traits” descriptions of various stones are pretty shammy (i.e. different stones are said to promote different feelings of harmony, peace or happiness blah blah), but perhaps there really is a grain of truth to them!

In any case, I’ve been buying lots of aquamarines and rubies and making stuff with them.

my girl
my girl

nekkid ring- aquamarine
nekkid rings- aquamarine

victorian rocker haute- queen mariana– very similar in style to my victorian rocker earrings, but made with all 14K/20 gold-filled findings, including chains, hoops, jumprings
victorian rocker haute- queen mariana

queen mariana’s bedside table

queen mariana's bedside table

Morganite is also in the beryl family, and I’m super pleased with this damselfly I made from 14K/20 gold-filled wire and gemstones!
for me- sweet damselfly
for me- sweet damselfly

Finally, I just want to show you guys these cool earrings I made from salvaged links from a vintage bracelet and awesome flashy labradorite:

space age betty

space age betty

Anyways, that is my mini gemstone class + self promotion post (hmm I guess they all are!). In other news, the winner of my love.sweet.eternal. necklace last month was Amanda at v******glitter@hotmail.com. Sign up for my mailing list to qualify for next month and subsequence contest/drawings if you haven’t already! =) Thank you everyone for being such good sports for last month’s contest!

*phew* Back to work! Happy weekend! =)