probably no one cares, but the reason i’ve been so low key with (i.e. not making any) new designs is that

1) I’ve been writing a paper

2) I’ve been co-writing a book chapter

3) I’ve been packing stuff for my move.

Plus, (1) and (2) mean I’m mostly brain dead and visibly ill, whilst (3) means I really don’t want to wait till the last minute to pack my mountain of supplies.

My boyfriend promises to build me a stellar workspace in our new place, and I am bursting with ideas for new designs with my wonderful stash of gemstones and pretty vintage pins! If I survive all this writing, I promise lots of updates (time for the fall collection!) in about a month.

my precious *yes, say it in a gollum voice*: aquamarine, tourmaline, sapphire, garnet, copper rutilated quartz, more aquamarine (my fave!), blue topaz…


Stay well and hope you’re making the most of summer! =)