here i present, a completely random post:
(Disclaimer: I have been thinking of nothing but vertebrate genetic disorders for a week)

YAY!!! I just finished the draft for the book chapter I have been writing… I just sent it to my advisor, so, fingers crossed that it is up to par, but meanwhile, I’m definitely getting a glass of wine =). Wow, it feels good to feel this relieved!

The book is due out next Spring (I think), which, incidentally, is also when a jewelry design book that my designs will appear in is set to be published! It was a wonderful surprise to be contacted by the book’s designer, a super awesome and talented lady (with great taste ;)…), to contribute my designs. She picked 16 pieces, and I think I finally sent her pictures of 13 or so to include. How funny, I’ll be published in my first medical textbook and jewelry design book at the same time! well, shan’t speak too soon. *knock on wood*.

in other news (hey, i’m stuck at home with a glass of muscato and my bunny and my boyfriend are ignoring me, and I’m too brain dead to hang out with people whom I expect myself to be entertaining around– long convoluted sentence but I’ve been writing non-stop of 7 days forgive me…ahahhahahaha *maniacal laughter* why do i think I will regret this entry??),

anyways, in other news, everyone is getting engaged/married/having babies. it’s crazy!! i think i’m just at that age. while me, i’m still in school. my little sis is working for a big investment bank and just got a promotion YAY!. at least she’s be able to buy my kids toys (i’ve been dropping hints to my boyfriend, believe me– makes everyone else uncomfortable i wonder why)…..ahahhaha *maniacal laughter*

ahhh life is nice. boston is hot. i don’t know how pequito deals with that much fur.

pics of his sexy pose and adorable furry big feet!!



my mailman hates me for buying so many supplies. he gave me a very upset look when i ran into him the other day, and he told me “i am alot of work”. my boyfriend says the same thing!!! now, i wait for him to leave and then creep downstairs to retrieve my mail. sometimes i pace in the corridor for quite a while waiting for him to be done with the mailboxes. it’s kind of awkward, really. but i love him, he brings me tons of goodies from around the world.

i got my driving license!!!!!! YAY!! yes, I am 25 but it’s a long story…. stolen car, living in two countries, makes getting a license an extremely boring and arduous task. or so i thought… had i known that they allow you to almost run over people during the test, i would have taken it earlier (no, i didn’t really, I just got caught between two open doors, not my fault!!)

friends visiting in august. bringing nice food from singapore. YAY!

new Japanese wholesaler. YAY and ~~~stress~~~

scholarship progress report ~~~don’t think about it~~~

how about that woman who ripped off her boyfriend’s testicles with her bare hands? a fellow half of a jew-sian couple (an asian girl who dates a jewish boy– now i’ve said too much) showed us this story. it happened in 2005 and i’m so amused that it still occasionally resurfaces as the top emailed story on BBCnews!! Like today!!

ok, i’ll publish this now, if i think of anything else appropriately random i’ll add to it. time to fill some orders…