Today, the NYT told me that I should blog to grow my business. Other Etsy sellers tell me this all the time, but I’m so lazy!! I always start off being very enthusiastic about blogging, and then my enthusiasm tapers off when I realise how much work it is. But, it would be really nice to have a log of how pequitobun evolves, and hopefully get some feedback too from friends and customers too. Etsy apparently may develop some holistic tools for sellers (portfolio, blog, comments section, etc), but these ideas were raised more than a year ago, and I’m not sure when they’ll have time to get to it).

Hence, my New Years resolutions:

1) stop biting my nails

2) blog everyday if possible

3) it’s not New Years’ yet, i’m sure i’ll come up with more!

Ok, as always, I’m always eager to share my buys =). (uh oh, you’re going to see what a shopaholic I am!!) Here is what I bought today! (hmm maybe this is all a disguise to show off my exciting new purchase)
super duper cute tank from imyourpresent!

i love her profile, she says she loves “sewing and crafting, collecting porcelain figurines, petting kittens and dressing up like a present”. lol!

my boyfriend sent me this postsecret:


are you an asian girl with a white boyfriend?

(actually i think my boy is latino.

he’s not sure either)

erm, sorry sweetie, i think three asian girlfriends is a fetish. although i’m sure i’m the best one.



diligent blogger s.

p.s. I just realised that that top is in the same colours as a new pair of earrings I made for next season!

victorian rocker- girly always ($72)