Named after her little black holland lop bunny, pequitobun jewellery is a creative outlet and stress-reliever for its very OCD (I discovered this watching Monk! it was like I was set free!) graduate student creator. At pequitobun, unique and beautiful vintage materials are painstakingly hunted down, taken apart lovingly, and reinvented with great attention to detail, colour and texture, to create jewellery that is refreshingly unique, for the girl who is a whole lot whimsical romantic, and just a little rebellious bohemian.

I make only things that I would want to keep for myself, and take great pleasure in creating beautiful, quality designs. Most of my jump rings, chains and findings are 14K/20 gold-filled, which is a wonderful compromise to pure gold, as they feel, look and last alike (would not flake away like gold-plated or other gold-fills with lower gold content), and I incorporate alot of high quality semi-precious and precious gemstones into my designs. My vintage beads are usually rare and unique glass beads, which have a really pleasant weight and look. I love discovering one of a kind, stunningly detailed vintage parts that shine anew with cleaning, and to bring out their beauty with modern pairings. High quality materials ensure that each piece is something you would keep and wear for a long time; although jewelry is a non-necessity =), when you find that special piece, it feels reaaaaally good! Plus, quality, well-made things aid sustainability since you’re not throwing things away when they break =). That said, I stand by my designs, and you can feel free to contact me for any repairs/fixes, big or small, for any purchase made with me.

My love is in creating, so many designs are either one or two of a kind, with slight variations. Since almost all my designs incorporate vintage pieces, many designs can never be recreated fully once sold. My signature pieces have a limited run. If you like my items, do give me a heart (add me to your favourites)! It always make my day =).

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