gosh has it been an EVER so long time since I blogged. i would so rather be figuring out a new design than to sit down and write for 15 minutes. i guess that is why some people who love to blog, blog (and do a damn good job of it!! i’m envious) and others do other things like make jewelry because honestly, I don’t enjoy blogging at all. although i do enjoy connecting with you sweet folks one-on-one, through emails or etsy convos, and I like updating my etsy shop appearance to tell you what’s going on, but I never think that I have enough news to fill a blog post! BUT, I think I’ve left this blog dormant for too long, and I don’t want wordpress to shut me down… and, hopefully, my life is not so uninteresting that I still cannot fill a blog post after 3 months. =)

so, what is new? let’s go in order. First, new boutique retailers for pequitobun! You can now shop pequitobun at Gateau Lingerie in Vancouver and Nova Juvel in Amsterdam. The shops are owned by very lovely ladies, and I am so delighted that they are stocking my designs. Abby at Gateau sent me a few pictures of their shop, they sell high end lingerie (and, how apt! all you need to feel dressed up is beautiful undergarments and some jewelry, yah? =)..) and I think that if I ever opened a pequitobun boutique it would resemble Gateau very much in feel- clean, neat, fresh and vintage! See for yourself:



So, if you live in Vancouver or Amsterdam, do drop by and take a look!

I also added a few online retailers, and you can now also shop pequitobun online at Modishoppe, HannahZakari, Stars and Infinite Darkness and CUT+PASTE. I also have a new Japanese web boutique retailer, her shop is still in the works… And, a Google search a while back turned up a Korean shop set up by a very nice customer of mine who bought a few items and is now selling them in her boutique (next to Anthropologie pieces! quite flattered but a little puzzled… don’t you love Google? heehee).

So, pq is expanding a little quickly, but I hope I’ll be able to supply everyone with the pieces they want.

Next, I of course have to share with you my Etsy BUYS!! I love shopping on Etsy, and I picked up a couple of really awesome things in the past few months. From most to least recent:

nana from sereneonion… SO ADORABLE!!


ultra rad vintage dress from ultraretro (i collect dresses more than wear them! lol):


super pretty scarf from begonia44


the warmest and most fabulous head accessory from gobbolino:


china from the genius who is trixiedelicious:


dreamy, awesome, rocking SHOES! from salvage life and ultraretro:

and, tons of vintage home furnishings like vases, carafes, mugs, glasses, etc etc!!

isn’t everything lovely? =) *beaming*

Next, tons and tons of new designs in the past few months, of course… here are some of my favourites (well, I can say with sincerity that 95% of my pieces are my favourites, but here is a sampling! I’ll place the emphasis on designs that are still available, do check out the shop for more designs):

painted flowers

sweetheart in goth

heaven is full of rosebuds

crown jewels- debutante

labour of love- warm in winter

red eyed and claws

victorian rocker haute- creme brulee

creme brulee

thinly veiled barbs

Also, for you sweet people who still read this blog after months of dormancy, a sneak preview of new designs to be added on January 1st:


Almost lastly, pequitobun’s end of year sale will start soon for mailing list members, and on Dec 27 EST for everyone else. Do check pequitobun‘s shop announcement on Dec 27 for details!

Lastly, thank you with all my heart to everyone for a wonderful, creative and fun year. I really appreciate how Etsy and handmade have been so embraced by the community, and I can’t thank my customers, fellow Etsy sellers and indie blogs like Modish enough for making this so enjoyable and rewarding.

Have a safe, happy and lovely holiday season, and a toast in advance to the new year! The love for designing goes on at pequitobun, so please do bookmark/RSS-feed and check in often. =)

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,



ahhh… i’m sad. i spent the day trying to get some pictures for the catalogue, envisioning putting together an Anthropologie-style lookbook. i totally underestimated the task!!! i think i got the styling down, with my new designs and some kickass vintage dresses, but now i know why good fashion photographers are paid so much… it’s crazy!! the pose, body positioning, lighting, angles, backdrops, props…. my sweet guy spent the better part of his birthday being my photographer, but the pictures are *just* not up to scratch. it’s so disappointing!!

i am exhausted (he is snoring), and don’t have much to show for our day of work. i think i have to throw in the towel. i’m such an anal perfectionist, and i don’t think we’re even close. =( =( i would rather spend the time designing jewelry.

i did have a couple of customers suggest that i take pictures of my necklaces being worn anyways, so we got a couple of pictures of that…

*sigh*, i guess there will be no fancy pequitobun catalogue. not until i learn how to take photographs of people (or until i can afford a photographer!).


pq- fatigued

have i really not been working on any new jewelry for so long? CAN i?? lol.

maybe not?

maybe…i’m working on a secret project?

maybe… my excuse for buying so many vintage dresses in the past month is for the secret project?

maybe… no one will be excited about my secret project except for me?

maybe… but, i’m super excited!!

yes, i do have tons of new jewelry designs. tons of pieces i love and love. designs with vintage pins and earrings, lots of gorgeous, rare vintage glass beads, antique bits, colours, muted tones, black, white, deep blues, bright corals, silver, flash, splash… chokers, long necklaces, dangle earrings…

i’m saving them… for a catalogue i’m planning to make sooooooon!!!


because i love all my one-of-a-kind items so much, i want to show how they can be worn, my inspirations, and preserve them, at least in pictures, for when i can’t hold them anymore.

or, maybe…so i have an excuse to buy vintage dresses?

so… i do have new pieces… but work is really crazy…and…i’m saving them for my secret project. =)

if you would like to know when it launches, join my email list!

hope you have a secret project to keep you smiling too! (well, mine is not so secret anymore…)