help me, i have a disease. i can’t stop buying vintage dresses!!!! i really can’t. i see one i like and i HAVE to have it. i don’t even wear them, because i work in an environment where dressing up is frowned upon… so i just have a big bag full of the vintage dresses that i have to have but never wear!!

for example, just 5 minutes ago, i bought two lovely dresses from the extremely awesome salvagelife:



Aren’t they AWESOME???? i hope they fit. salvage life has the most terrific vintage finds. here are some others (i love vintage shoes too, if these were my size they would be MINE).



did i mention i love vintage bags?




and the cutest trench!!!


ahhh…. virtual window shopping is…fun. *)



etsy downtime is frustrating huh? i know they are working hard, but it’s really hard for an etsy addict like me! *)

here is my latest listing. you can buy it on etsy here, but unfortunately no images show up, so here some pictures =).

the shy keythe shy key
the shy keythe shy key

cheerio! back to work

See what first dibs is about here.

bohemian princess of the sea $55
bohemian princess of the sea
bohemian princess of the sea
bohemian princess of the sea

A vintage medium-sized puffy heart gold-toned charm lies on the absolute most beautiful vintage chain of bright gold and aqua links, and vintage brass chain.

A short link of vintage plastic hoops lies off to one side. Puffy heart measures about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in height.

This is an adorable long necklace (measures about 27 inches or 68 cm around) that you’ll wear all spring and summer long!!

Email me at pequitobun@gmail.com to reserve.



etsy’s been down for the past 15 hours or so, and it occurred to me that i can’t sell anything if I can’t list it!! duh. lol. Then I realised that I have been blogging about almost every single new design in my shop here anyways.

epiphany! voila!

I decided to start something called “first dibs” on my blog, to encourage people to read it more, to overcome these periods of etsy withdrawal, and, importantly, to have more control over when i can list and sell, since I have other stuff to do too. From now on, I will commonly post one of a kind items here on my blog first, before listing them in my shop, in posts categorized under “first dibs“.

If you read my blog often or RSS-feed it, and see a one of a kind “first dibs” item you like, email me at pequitobun@gmail.com to reserve it. I will then send you an invoice for you to pay, and everything will proceed as normal after that.

The caveats of this of course are that:

1) Two people might email me about the same item. In this case, the first person to email me gets first dibs, and if payment or communication about payment is not made within 2 days, the next person to email me gets it, and so on. I am at my email 23 hours a day pretty much, so communication is always prompt.

When a first dibs has been reserved or sold, the title will be changed to “RESERVED” or “SOLD” accordingly. An item will be considered sold after payment has been made.

2) You can’t leave me feedback. However, my policies and quality guarantees remain unchanged. If you’ve worked with me before, you know my anal-ness and prefectionism exceed your wildest imaginations. =)

3) I can’t leave you feedback. For this reason, I reserve the right to refuse a sale to previous non-paying buyers or other displays of sketchiness.

4) Why should you trust me? lol. You can see my store feedback here. You will also have a Paypal record of the transaction, and I always ship domestically with Delivery Confirmation and tracking. Purchases above $100 also get free insurance.

Of course, if the item does not get sold, it’ll go into my etsy shop at some later point, so you can wait for that too.

I’ll list a first dibs item today. Look out for it!!

Also, since I post pictures of almost all my designs here, when etsy is down, you can hop on over here to shop too. I’ll do my best to make sure I take stuff off etsy the moment things sell here (although if etsy is down it’s not a problem until it comes back up)

Good riddance to website downtime!! =) hurrah!


I finally found some time to blog about this… modishoppe, the new baby of blog goddess Jena of Modish blog, is finally OPEN!!!! The shoppe is gorgeous and totally Modish-wonderful, and it’s just stocked full of wonderful handmade goodies. I’m so honoured to be a part of it!! Visit, bookmark and SHOP!! =)


Happy Easter!! Be kind to bunnies =).


I really, really love the sillouette of the wild child earrings (yes, I know they are my design so duh of course I’m going to say so! lol). Something simple, eye catching and larger on one side, and something long, slim and shoulder draping on the other. The look is mischievous but elegant, casual but dressy, smart but nonchalent. For spring, I dressed up two pairs, the first, wild child- replendent obstinate, is bright red spring with a golden dragonfly:

wild child- resplendent obstinate:
wild child- resplendent obstinate

The second, wild child- deco talk to the hand, is also quite lovely, and I added a touch of colour with a delicate purple glass flower. It has a more dressy and graceful feel, with the smooth hand looking like it’s picking up the flower…cute!

wild child- deco talk to the hand

spring is coming!!!!


i’ve been so so busy with work!! just a sneak peak at what i’m currently and recently working on…will write again soon! Shop pequitobun here!

life in plastic

demurely yours, hot lips